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Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company
PCD Pharma Franchise
PCD Pharma Franchise

Meaning of PCD Pharma Franchise

PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution, and it is a business model in which a company allows another party (known as a franchisee) to use its trademark, products, and marketing materials in a specific geographic area. In India, there are many PCD pharma franchise companies that offer this type of business opportunity to individuals and organizations.

Why choose PCD Pharma Franchise Business model

  • There are several reasons why someone might choose to start a PCD pharma franchise business:

    Low investment: Starting a PCD pharma franchise requires a relatively low investment compared to starting a traditional pharmacy or manufacturing facility.

    Established brand: Franchisees can leverage the reputation and market recognition of the franchisor, which can help to attract customers and generate sales.

    Marketing and promotional support: Franchisees receive marketing and promotional materials from the franchisor, which can help to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

    Wide range of products: PCD pharma franchise companies typically offer a wide range of products, which can help to appeal to a diverse customer base.

    Training and support: Franchisees receive training and support from the franchisor, which can help to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to run the business effectively.

    Exclusive territorial rights: Franchisees are granted exclusive territorial rights, which means they are the only ones who can sell the franchisor’s products in a certain area.

    High profitability: The PCD pharma franchise business model offers high profitability as compared to other traditional business models.

    Government schemes: Government schemes like Ayushman Bharat and Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana have increased demand for medical and healthcare products, which has increased the profitability of the PCD pharma franchise business.

    Please note that these are general reasons and the profitability and success of a PCD pharma franchise business can vary depending on various factors such as location, competition and the franchisor’s reputation.

Why Choose Viziott Pharma: A Leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Own Manufacturing PCD Companies in India • Viziott Pharma is one of the Best PCD Pharma Franchise companies in India . as own manufacturing PCD Pharma companies in India We offer more than 700+ pharma products to our clients Approved to WHO GMP Certified Products, we maintain international standards and adhere to quality norms. Our deep commitment to the delivery of quality pharma products has made our company one of the Best PCD pharma franchise companies in India based in Ambala. A chemist, Doctor, Medical Professional or a new start-up who wants to start their own business in the pharmaceutical industry needs to partner with a stable PCD Pharma Company such as Viziott Pharma We provide a wide range of Products in every category.

What we offer

Best Quality PCD Pharma Products

We offer you the best from our repertoire to ensure health and well-being. Our products are of unmatched quality and are accredited by WHO, ISO and GMP certifications. Purity, composition, and appropriate packing make all our products the choice of medical experts, industry stakeholders as well as customers.

Start your Franchise with a minimum amount

opening a new business with a pharma franchise with Viziott Pharmaceuticals  is possible for an investment cost of as low as Rs. 20,000 or Rs. 30,000/-

Be Your Own Boss

We believe in making your own working hours. You do not have to adhere to fixed daily or monthly targets. Keeping your goals in mind, you can make your own working schedule. With the freedom of setting your own schedule, we ensure that you have incentives for better performance. We do not set targets for you; however, if you wish to incentivize yourself with yearly targets, that is completely fine by us.

Monopoly Rights

We strictly adhere to monopoly rights, Enquiry to be entertained only if your location has no existing business partner.

Attractive Schemes

Viziott Pharma offers lucrative schemes  that will help you build a bigger business much faster.

Time Bound Delivery

We do our best to ensure that you receive your goods as soon as possible and in the same condition as received by us. We ensure 90% dispatches of the goods within 24 hours and 100% dispatches within 48 hours once the payment is reflected in our accounts or the invoice is cleared for dispatch.

With our professional team being a reputed name acknowledged as one of the best PCD franchise companies in India, be confident about getting prompt and accurate responses for your queries on products, packing, dosages, orders, billing, taxation, dispatches and /or logistics.

Promotional Aids

We are here to support you and the best way that we know how is by providing high quality, authentic promotional material.

Glance through our promotional aids and we are sure you will definitely love them too.

Visual aid (Folder)

Product glossary

LBLs (Leave behind leaflets)

Sample catch covers

Reminder-cum-thank you cards

MR bag

Visiting cards

Order books

Prescription pads

Routine gifts for doctors with the brand name of the pharma franchise company

Deepawali and new year gifts

We welcome qualified and experienced individuals as well as corporates from all over India to become our distributors/associates. You can choose from two options: One is – if you are an M.R., ASM or RSM with inner passion and fire to build your own business starting with smaller investments   Viziott Pharma is ready to offer Monopoly Marketing Rights on PCD pharma franchise basis for your district/cluster of districts.

 Another option is

 Start your own Business with your own unique brand name :- if you are working as Pharma stockists, distributors and C&F Agent who have a strong network with medical practitioners, physicians and/or surgeons in their area can easily build a profitable and long term Third Party Pharma Manufacturing business with Viziott Pharma, one of the top Pharma Franchise companies in India.