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Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company
PCD Pharma Company

How to Start a PCD Pharma Company in India With a Low Budget ?

Financial backing is vital for any business to thrive and establish its foundation. Regardless of the franchise, independent business type, or investment size, allocating initial monetary resources is necessary to meet market demands. India has witnessed remarkable growth over the past three decades, fueled by globalization and liberal policies.While all industries have flourished, the pharmaceutical sector has particularly excelled.

The surge in PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) pharmaceutical businesses during the past two decades is a testament to this trend. Understanding the process of setting up a PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India with limited funds becomes crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this flourishing industry.

In this post, we will make you aware of the fact that how much cost is needed to start a Pharma company in India. Read on.

Types of Investments 

Fixed Capital Investment

It can be known as the one-time investment. However, the amount may vary depending on the fact that if a company investing money is a manufacturer or marketer. 

Working Capital Investment

Working capital investment comprises liquid assets essential for business operations, including salaries, raw materials, marketing expenses, and other daily operational costs. These investments, both anticipated and unexpected, are vital for the smooth functioning of a company until it generates adequate profits to cover ongoing expenses and employee salaries.

Inventory Investment

Third one is inventory investment required for the availability of product and stock. This entirely depends on the number of products planned by you for the purpose of both introduction and production. 

Amount You Need to Invest for Starting a Pharma Company in India

In the realm of business today, financial considerations play a pivotal role. Before embarking on establishing a new PCD Pharma Franchise company in India , it is crucial to gather information about the necessary investments. 

The initial requirements include obtaining certification, registering the company, and acquiring a drug license number. Allocating around 15,000 to 20,000 rupees is advised, although precise figures should be confirmed from reliable sources. 

Additional investments such as obtaining a GST number and an FSSAI registration may require approximately 10,000 rupees. Ongoing investments are essential to sustain the company’s operations, covering expenses related to infrastructure, power, facilities, legal and statutory obligations, human resources, taxes, and liabilities. 

It is important to note that the investment requirements differ between pharmaceutical marketing companies and manufacturing companies, with the latter requiring more substantial investments in machinery, infrastructure, and resources. For those interested in exploring the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the context of a PCD pharma franchise company in India , comprehensive financial planning and analysis are essential components of the business plan.

For Starting a Pharma Marketing Company


    • The minimum investment required is relatively smaller as it excludes infrastructure expenses. The budget should primarily focus on marketing and promotion, with an estimated amount of around one to 1.5 lakh rupees.


    • Besides, establishing a pharma manufacturing company involves obtaining licenses and approvals like GST number, FSSAI registration, etc. The investment range for this is approximately 7 to 15 lakh rupees, depending on the size and complexity of the operation.


In both cases, it is important to consider legal and regulatory requirements. Particularly in the context of a PCD pharma franchise company in India, comprehensive financial planning is crucial.

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